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The adoption of nursery regimes to equip planting stock with characteristics conferring increased ability to withstand outplanting stresses, by managing stress levels in the nursery to condition" planting stock to increase tolerance to various post-planting environmental stresses, has become widespread, particularly with containerized stock.
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Nursery, Texas, unincorporated community in Victoria County, Texas, United States. Nursery, Karachi, a suburb of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Nursery Site, RI-273, historic site in Westerly, Rhode Island, United States. Nursery, British Columbia, a populated community in British Columbia. Nursery Suite 1931, by Edward Elgar.
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This type of nursery care may well be the best choice for your child. We've' fitted up the spare room as a nursery. The office complex has an on-site nursery. The nursery has 30 babies on the books and 13 on the waiting list.
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Nesbit; perhaps the most famous nursery is that in the 1964 Disney live action and animated film Mary Poppins, or the nursery in the 1953 Disney animated film Peter Pan and the nursery in Jim Henson 's' Muppet Babies. External links edit.

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